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Wedding in Umbria-Foligno

Working as Photographer in Foligno at Wedding Ceremony

Here a short selection of my photos while working as photographer in Foligno.

I was there for the religious wedding ceremony of the newly married couple: “Emma and Andrea”.

A ceremony held at the church of Chiesa di San Giacomo in Foligno. And me their Photographer in Foligno

The church is an Historical building located just 4 blocks away from the main square of the Foligno: “Piazza della Repubblica.

The interior of the church with its three naves. It has a dome with an octagonal base raised towards the end of the 15th century.
The current arrangement dates back to interventions in the third decade of the eighteenth century.
Designed by the architect Soratini, carried out between 1721 and 1729 by the Foligno mason Costantino Giomboni.

Thanks to its big interiors, it gave me a lot of opportunities for taking photos from various points of view. Without disturbing the religious ceremony.

This is something that doesn’t happen very often.

It’s extra point of interest, for the photos post ceremony, and more in general for visitors to this church, is for sure the cloister on the side of the church.

Its historical buildings made a superb frame for my photo shooting

A short walk to the central square of the town: “Piazza della Repubblica”, allowed me to take spontaneous but still memorable photos of the couple.
Its historical buildings made a superb frame for my photo shooting.

Going for the party in Massa Martana

In Massa Martana and precisely at the luxury  Hotel San Pietro Sopra Le Acque Resort was held the party.
Where its top quality food and its relaxed atmosphere in the garden area put everyone at easy .


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