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Wedding in Umbrian Countryside

Wedding in Umbrian Countryside

Getting married in Umbrian Countryside is simply magic and very intimate.

This is the story of Laura & Guido’s wedding ceremony. A classic Italian wedding in Umbrian countryside. A religious wedding celebrated in a small countryside catholic church standing in the heart of the village of Assignano. Located not too far south of Perugia the regional capital of Umbria.

When the wedding was held, we were at the beginning of May. Not a summer day yet, but it did feel like already like full summer day.

As you will see from those Umbria wedding photos, the style is a good compromise between the very creative posed wedding photos in the Umbrian Countryside, and the more fresh photo reportage spontaneous style. As a every marring couple would expect, in my photos the wedding couple is always the main heart  of my attention, but not only.

Photo Gallery of a wedding in Umbria

On this page and its photo gallery, I placed just 50/60 photos. But generally speaking within the big list of shots I do during a wedding event, nothing gets left behind. So from the small details of the table settings to the joyful and emotional moments that very close relatives  and friends show off somehow during a wedding ceremony, in between one glance and a hug. Everything will be captured.

My main aim as a wedding photographer is to capture this very special moments and save them for ever. For an everlasting memory even if in our present days we are getting used to use photography in a very much fast food like style. But that is not my style!!

The Umbrian green countryside

As you will see the Umbrian green countryside very much dominate the scenery all around. And for those of you who love real countryside nature, where life goes at an old fashion speed, here for sure you will have a lot to look at and get almost certainly fulfilled. Well at least I hope so 🙂

And maybe it will make you wish to plan for your wedding in Umbria too? Unless you are already in the middle of the planning for your big event somewhere else in Italy!

Hope you will enjoy indeed those countryside scene. And if you like to know more about my availably for your wedding in Umbria just contact me.
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