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Eloping to Italy

Italy is one of the most romantic places in the world that’s often on most bucket lists. Known for their iconic Amalfi Coast, pasta, and unique architecture, its monuments, so if you are a traveller, and you love, nature with its great variety of landscapes,  art and beauty, choosing Italy to elope,  it doesn’t come as a surprise. In Italy you will find endless possibilities and places to choose from for eloping. Italy is a great elopement destination for the couple looking for an adventure on their wedding day.

Within this guide, I included everything you need to know about how to elope in Italy, including Italy elopement packages, places to elope, and even how to get a marriage license if you’re a foreigner.

Eloping in Italy guide

photo weddings in italy

Your questions for getting married in Italy

Can Foreigners Get Married in Italy?

foreigners can get married in Italy. However, there are two extra documents you will need in order for your marriage to be legally binding. We’ll get into these two documents within the next section all about how to get a marriage license in Italy.



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My best places list to elope in Italy

  • Cinque Terre
  • Elba Island

  • Orvieto
  • Lake of Pilato

  • Amalfi Coast

  • Lake of Como
  • Gran Sasso Park

  • San Biagio Castle

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Your questions for getting married in Italy

How to Get a Marriage Certificate in Italy

There are a few things you’ll need to be able to elope in Italy. The basic documents you will need include a

  • valid passport,
  • birth certificate,
  • Atto Notorio (also known as a Certificate of No Impediment),
  • Nulla Osta (also known as an affidavit).

Below are a list of steps you’ll want to take in order to officially be allowed to marry in Italy. These steps apply to U.S. citizens getting married in Italy. The process is very similar to those who live in other countries as well. Always check with your embassy to make sure you’re taking the proper steps.

  • 2-3 months before your wedding date, make an appointment at your nearest Italian Consulate to obtain an Atto Noto. Italian Consulates are found in most big cities like Los Angeles and Chicago. You will need to bring 2-4 (usually 4), witnesses, a passport, and your original birth certificate. All documents with the exception of your passport MUST be officially translated to Italian.
  • 1-2 months before your wedding date, book an appointment with a Italian Consulate in the city where you’re going to be getting married. Book the appointment at least a week before your wedding date. They have consulates in Rome, Milan, Genova, Venice, Florence, Naples, and Palermo. This is where you’ll get your Nulla Ostav. You can print out the form and fill it out to save time, but do not sign it until you’re instructed to do so. This process costs about $55 a person.
  • After you’ve received your Nulla Ostav, you’ll need to get it legalized. You can do this at a Prefecture Office in Italy. You’ll need to bring two revenue stamps that cost about $20 each and can be found at any tobacco store.
  • Lastly, you’ll need to make an appointment at the town hall to complete a “Declaration of Intention to Marry” a few days before your wedding date. If you don’t speak Italian, you must bring an interpreter with you.

I highly recommend checking out this article to get a more in-depth explanation of how to go through these steps. It was written by an Italian wedding planner who works with couples getting married in Italy from the United States! You can also check out the official U.S. Embassy site as well that outlines all the steps (though I do find this one a bit more complicated to understand).

If these steps are very overwhelming to you, no worries! You can always get married in your home country then have a symbolic ceremony in Italy.

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Best places to elope in Italy

My favorite list of places to elope in Italy

Cinque terre

September 2020

Cinque Terre

is often compared to the Amalfi Coast. Cinque Terre is a long stretch of 5 historic towns that have colourful houses, elegant terraces, local fishing boats, and so much more. It’s a very romantic elopement location without the crowds that come with the Amalfi Coast. There are numerous spots and hiking trails around this area.

A real dream place to Elope in Italy

Castello San Biagio

September 2021

San Biagio al Colle

An authentic Castle for rent in Italy with surrounding hamlet that can be rented exclusively to elope in Italy in your own Medieval Castle!

Here you are up on the hills of verdant Umbria and close to Tuscany, ready to enjoy the adventure and excitement of this unique and exceptional place. 

Just you two? Or with  some few close friends to join you?

This friendly and welcoming complex is composed by 6 independent units, each with a separate entrance, kitchen and living area with an open fireplace.

In addition, there are several spacious common areas: the former church, the 

Grand Kitchen, and an exceptionally large heated swimming pool.

The castle is located in rural Umbria and it is within a short distance to Tuscany.

Throughout the castle, guests can feel a mixture of antique furniture and modern fittings. From the thousand year old, eccentric Tower with a Jacuzzi on top of it, to the romantic bedroom areas, and beautiful beamed ceilings.

Couples who got married at Castle of San Biagio have expressed nothing but enthusiasm for this very special place.


March 2022

is a city and comune in the Province of Terni, southwestern Umbria, Italy, situated on the flat summit of a large butte of volcanic tuff. The city rises dramatically above the almost-vertical faces of tuff cliffs that are completed by defensive walls built of the same stone.

The ancient city (urbs vetus in Latin, whence “Orvieto”), populated since Etruscan times, has usually been associated with Etruscan Velzna, but some modern scholars differ. Orvieto was certainly a major centre of Etruscan civilization;

It’s easy to get to Orvieto from Rome as well as from Florence, via the Motorway A1 or the railway. 

Here you can experience something really unique. With its scenary, its architecture, and its underground of the town, that can be visited with a special guided tour, Or why not have a photo session inside it. Lastly, In Orvieto and its surrounding for sure you enjoy its traditional food and above all the famous white wine of Orvieto.


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