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Rustic Wedding in Rome – Rebeka & Tom

Rustic Wedding in Rome – Rebeka & Tom

Rebeka and Tom’s dream a few days ago had become true with their rustic wedding in Rome happening.

Here a short recap from the full list of taken photos of their Rustic wedding in Rome at Borgo di Tragliata.

A Catholic religious wedding ceremony celebrated at Saint Isidor Church, right on top of the hill of Borgo di Tragliata. It was held magistrally as always by father Don Sergio.

A special thanks first of all to Rebeka & Tom for having had me as their wedding photographer in Rome, and to  Cristina the wedding planner, for putting all tighter, and Donatella  the Florist that created an amazingly interesting bouquet and decorated the church with her flowers compositions. Also a special thanks to the Staff at Borgo that thanks to their professionalism and smiles made it all very easy and successful.

Rustic Wedding Rome

I have taken most of the photos in a very spontaneous reportage style, while the bride was getting ready as well as while the groom was getting ready, and during the religious ceremony. the same during the aperitif time. but on top of this as both enjoyed doing some relaxed posing, right after the ceremony we did some posed shots in the secret garden as well as in the garden just below the apartments Acacia Nord on top of the Hill of Borgo di Tragliata.

Doing the groups shot was also fun, as I selected various spots with no direct light so not to make any one eyes uncomfortable. Expect for the shot right outside the church for the main large group just after the couple had come out of the church.

The Aperitif time at the Massello next to the swimming poll of The Borgo di Tragliata, was a real pleasure as a wedding photographer. Having all the invited guests relaxing around while tasting good Italian food in one hand and holding a glass of sparking white wine, or drink beer on the other hand. A very relaxed time after the official celebration and various greetings to the newly married couple. Certainly the good mild temperature also helped. to make every one at easy.


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