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Orvieto, Dome of Orvieto, Umbria weddings destination

Umbria a land of saints churches and beautiful landscapes

Umbria a land of saints churches and beautiful landscapes

From the very bottom part of the Umbrian land on the border with the neighbouring region of Lazio, to the Northern part of Umbria where it’s territory ends up touching the land of Tuscany on the left side and with the region of Marche on the right, here is Umbria a land of saints churches and beautiful landscapes. Not to be missed!!

So I am happy to share with you all that I know about my pleasant Umbria region. A land full of green landscapes, great to live in. And a region in Italy worth to travel to discover more about religious architecture. And to be taken in consideration for your Wedding Ceremony in Italy.
With plenty of sites to select from for religious wedding ceremonies as well as for civil weddings. And why not to look for countryside location for a unique wedding blessing in Umbria.
You will love it I am sure.

In Umbria if you love natural landscapes, countryside, religious art, architecture “from the medieval to more classic once”,  you will find so many interesting religious buildings and more in general historical sites to discover, that you will never feel bored. From the many very simple country side rural churches, to the more sophisticated and rich churches and cathedral such as The Duomo of Orvieto, where many Italian and foreign weddings take place every year specially during summer time.

Todi Weddings in Umbria




The same we have to say for  the Church of Madonna della Consolazione in Todi. Standing at the entrance of the town of Todi on a green flat field overlooking the evergreen Umbrian valley.

Or you can go to Assisi and visit this beautiful and historically famous small town. The town of  St. Francis the Saint that loved the animals (not a coincidence that St. Francis is the Patron Saint of Animals) but above this, to discover more about The Basilica of San Francesco d’Assisi and its amazingly beautiful paintings.

The Franciscan monastery, il Sacro Convento, and the lower and upper church (Italian: Basilica inferiore and Basilica superiore) of St Francis were begun immediately after the canonization of St. Francis in 1228, and completed in 1253.
The lower church has frescoes by the late-medieval artists Cimabue and Giotto. The upper church houses frescoes of scenes in the life of St. Francis previously ascribed to Giotto, but now thought to be by artists of the circle of Pietro Cavallini from Rome.
The Basilica was badly damaged by an earthquake on 26 September 1997, during which part of the vault collapsed, killing four people inside the church and carrying with it a fresco by Cimabue. The edifice was closed for two years for restoration.

Wedding in Umbria is easy!

Come to get married in Umbria

Umbria a land of Saints Churches and beautiful landscapes

Countryside wedding in Umbria

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